Prague Castle – furniture and equipment restoration
Municipal House Prague – interior and exterior restoration
Strakova Academy, seat of Czech Republic Government – door restoration in whole building
Buqoy Palace, French Embassy – gate, doors, windows, parquets, furniture restoration
Senate of Czech Republic – furniture restoration
Kramar´s Villa Prague – furniture and wall panelling restoration
Bezdez Castle - manufacture and setting of wooden tower vault ribs
Malostranska Beseda Prague – windows, doors, gates, wooden porch restorarion
Plaza Hotel Karlovy Vary – four entrance gates restoration
Toscana Palace Prague, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic – main gate and yard gate and doors restoration
Grab Villa Prague – doors and interior walls and ceilings panelling restoration
Petschek Villa Prague, American Embassy Residence – furniture restoration
Grabstejn Castle – chapel furniture and castle collections restoration
Ratiborice Castle – furniture restoration
Česká Spořitelna (Czech Saving Bank) Liberec – windows, doors, interior panelling reconstruction in representation halls
Holly Mary CHurch on Chlumek, Luze – organ case and balustrade restoration
Broadway Palace Prague - doors and interior walls and ceilings panelling restoration

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