Our workshop is specialized in wood, mainly to historical furniture restoration, but to wooden parts of interiors and exteriors as well. With our own power - better to say with our own hands we are doing restoration, joiner works, gilding, polishing, locksmith works, polychromy. The other connected works as upholstery, metal processing, blacksmith and glassmaker works we can arrange. When the requested work is performed in our workshop we bring it and deliver back. We accept orders from all over the country, but we have our customers in neighbouring countries as well, in Germany, Austria and Slovakia. We are doing fine precise (accurate) higly specialized works like engraved marquetry as well as works where physical strenght and skill is necessary.
We restore individual pieces for private owners and collectors, but we also have customers who perhaps inherited antique chair from their auntie and they want to give its former beauty back to it. We manage big orders from historical monument institutes, town halls and other institutions, when we cooperate with other experts. Among our biggest orders rank 4 metres high art nouveau windows of Prague Municipal House, manufacture and setting of 125 m hand cut Bezdez castle vault ribs, one of our most important works we consider furniture and interior restoration of Ludvik Wing or Holly Rood Chapel in Prague Castle. In short – we are able to restore furniture for castle lord as well as glue together your grandma´s kitchen spoon. As we love to comment – with just a little exaggeration - no order (contract) is too big or too small for us.

Zdeněk Koušek

Restaurátor    Zdeněk Koušek,    Veletržní 31/405,    170 00 Praha 7 – Holešovice,    mobil: +420 602 244 435,     e-mail: kousek-basus@volny.cz    IČO: 45701270