Do not be afraid of our prices! We are doing highly professional handwork on level we reached after many years of practice. Nevertheless we are making effort to satisfy our customers less they come back again. Usually we can get an idea how the work may be complicated and how much it may approximately cost after seeing a photo. Many works which seem to be complicated are a daily routine for us and vice versa.


Toy machine: complete restoration, wood-worm killing radiation, missing parts completion (wheels, chimney, bumpers), colours recovery
Price 2500 CZK

Guilded mirror Kramar´s Villa: construction reinforcement, gilding recovery
Price 2800 CZK

Gate Prague – Mala Strana: Complete restoration, repair or replica manufacture of metal parts included
Price 115 000 CZK

Chest of drawers with writing desk Roztoky Museum
Price 25 000 CZK

Arm-chair Schönbrunn - complete restoration and classical upholstery included: construction reinforcement, missing veneer completion, new shellac lacquer
Price 12000 CZK (upholstery cloth not included)



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